How do you choose the wedding photographer that’s right for you?!!

When I was getting married 14 years ago (wow, has it been that long?!) and we were looking for a photographer, there seemed to be two quite separate approaches:

Wedding photojournalism vs highly set up (directed).

It was a no-brainer for us; we went with a photojournalistic approach. We just wanted to have an amazing day, while someone recorded it in an artistic way. We weren’t interested in fake, posed shots; we decided we would prefer less ‘perfect’ shots that were actually ‘real’.

Us on our wedding day circa 2004 - Photos: Paul Griggs

Us on our wedding day circa 2004 - Photos: Paul Griggs

These days, most wedding photographers will be part photojournalist and part director; it seems to be more like a ‘sliding scale’, rather than being so black and white.

I personally lean towards the photojournalistic approach. Why? Weddings are too awesome to be faked! There’s plenty of real emotion and excitement, and true moments of connection will always trump a staged pose. The celebration must come first, not the photos!

I shoot the wedding day as it unfolds; the laughter, tears, nerves, big moments, quiet moments...I love it all, and I want to capture it while leaving the smallest imprint on the day as possible. That said, I must confess that during a few discrete points of the day I love directing a creative, unique portrait in a fun and relaxed way. But…only if the couple is up for it!

My approach is not for everyone and it’s vital that you work out what is most important to you, and that you find the “right fit”!

I strongly believe that with some clever planning you can have it all. You can maximize your time for fun with each other and with your guests, as well as sneak in an epic portrait that you’ll look back on and treasure (yes, you did look that young and gorgeous!!). 
More on the logistics of this soon…

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