Annie and Daniel: Understated elegance meets beach party at Fairhaven Surf Club (with The. Most. Epic. night shot ever!)

Annie and Daniel’s wedding was one of those events that makes my job almost too easy; a gorgeous couple getting married at one of my all time favourite locations, in pretty much perfect conditions. It didn’t hurt that they have impeccable taste and somehow managed to combine their sophisticated style with a relaxed, coastal party at the Fairhaven Surf Club for their guests.

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Jerome ColeComment
Wedding - Hobba

Wade and Kerri’s wedding was the perfect reflection of how they love to celebrate - the people and places they chose to include in their day all had special meaning to the couple. Ceremony: Smart Artz Gallery - South Yarra, Reception: Hobba - Malvern

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Location, Location, Location…

With so many decisions to make when planning a wedding, couples can get caught up in choosing the ‘perfect’ venue for their location shoot. However, many typical location choices can look clichéd, and the couple can look awkward. The key is to keep it simple – choose a location that is special and meaningful to you.    

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